Title: I am a Stylist and Makeup Artist at the Ira Ludwick Salon.

Specialties: Color services, Specialty Styling, Extensions and the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment.

Ideal Client: Everyone. Whether you want to maintain your style or you’re ready for a change, I love to work with everyone.

Love About The Industry: Having the ability to brighten someone’s day and have them leave feeling even more beautiful and confident then when they came in, are just a few reasons. With life being so hectic these days, it’s awesome to be able to help people relax and put themselves first, even if just for an hour.

Advice when shopping for a stylist: With the beauty industry always evolving, it’s important to keep up with education and learning new trends. You can tell your stylist is growing with the industry when they offer/ recommend new styles to freshen up your look. Stylist who do the same thing every time are probably not keeping up with their education. Who wants to wear the same hair style year after year? You change your wardrobe, so change your hair.

Most Valuable Beauty Accessory: A smile, and its the cheapest. It instantly makes everyone’s face brighter. Also mascara, I’m obsessed with great mascara.


Karen and Nicole did a great job! I haven’t had my hair highlighted for years and I’m definitely glad I went there.