07 Feb 2018

An Easier Path to Luxuriant Eyelashes—RevitaLash®

We all celebrate long, thick, noticeable eyelashes. They are a beauty basic and we turn to mascara, dyes, extensions and false lashes to augment nature’s initial endowment. The quest for great lashes is a given, but it can also be an unending slog.

We think there’s another option for women who want luxuriant, compelling eyelashes but don’t want to commit so much time and effort to the cause: RevitaLash, an eyelash conditioner that strengthens, lengthens and darkens eyelashes with minimal effort and at a reasonable cost.

The Feel Good Story Behind RevitaLash

There’s a good story behind this product. RevitaLash was originally formulated by Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff for his wife, Gayle, who was disheartened by her thinning eyelashes, a side effect of her chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer. More than a decade later, her experience still resonates— the Brinkenhoffs donate a percentage of the proceeds from RevitaLash sales to fund breast cancer research and education.

How RevitaLash Strengthens Eyelashes

So how does it work? RevitaLash combines just a few key ingredients to strengthen lashes, including panthenol, a derivative of the B5 vitamin that enhances the appearance of hair by promoting growth, repairing damage and improving sheen. Two other ingredients, chlorphenesin and a lipid compound, are both associated with increased hair growth. Application is quick and uncomplicated: Once each day, you apply a thin line of the conditioner to the base of your eyelids, where the lashes emerge, taking care not to avoid contact with the eye itself. That’s it!

How to Get Started with RevitaLash

In about four weeks (the normal growth phase of your hair follicle), you will see longer, thicker, more resilient and, in many cases, darker lashes. By the time you need a second applicator, you may be able to forego mascara altogether.
Luxuriant natural lashes are a compelling beauty asset, augmenting your personal style and promoting self-confidence. We suggest you give RevitaLash a try. You will be impressed by the results, which are, well, eye-catching!