16 Mar 2018

The Intercoiffure Difference

Hairdressing – A Noble Profession

In 1976, I was 19 years old and working for Michael Piano, a Georgetown salon owner who was a student and devotee of Vidal Sassoon. We were at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, attending Atelier, the preeminent hairstyling conference, and my role was to assist Michael onstage as he demonstrated his innovative techniques to straighten and highlight hair. As I studied our audience, a roomful of elegantly dressed ladies and gentlemen who watched and listened carefully to Michael’s presentation, I had an epiphany, a true ‘wow’ moment: At its best, hairdressing is a noble profession.

Finding My Calling

In that moment, on that stage, I found my calling and my community—Intercoiffure, the conference’s sponsor and an international organization comprised of the top one percent of salons around the world. I returned to Washington committed to Intercoiffure’s extraordinary focus on both artistic and business innovation. When I opened my own salon in 1984, I worked hard to gain admission to this elite group of leaders in the hair and fashion industry.

Intercoiffure Philosophy

Intercoiffure’s philosophy is built on the concept of elevating our industry through fellowship. The association celebrates and promotes the principles of fraternity, friendship, fashion and finance. At its core, Intercoiffure facilitates the open sharing of technical, stylistic and business knowledge and experience. Continuous education, mentorship and opportunities that advance genuine creativity in fashion and personal care are key to Intercoiffure’s success and its stellar reputation as the standard bearer of the hairdressing industry.

How Intercoiffure Impacts My Clients’ Experience

I am constantly impressed with our members’ passion for both the artistic and business aspects of style. The association partners with top designers to think about where fashion is going. Members share their creative concepts, think about how trends are created, and learn how to anticipate what is going to be in demand six months from now. Members also anticipate changes in the business landscape—assessing and developing solutions to the impact of e-retail on a salon’s financial viability, for example, and fostering innovative programs that highlight the importance of the client experience. All members, and stylists everywhere, benefit from these collaborations.

What does my membership in Intercoiffure mean to you as my client? First, I am in continuous contact with the best minds in the style and fashion industry, so you can rest assured that my salon is at the leading edge of style trends and practices. Second, my salon’s adherence to Intercoiffure’s high standards of professionalism and creativity means that our stylists are celebrated and supported through continuing education, training and mentorship. Crucially, our team values working together in pursuit of excellence in our craft and a warm, welcoming experience for everyone who walks through our door.

I still have those ‘wow’ moments when I attend Intercoiffure’s semi-annual conferences. It’s an honor to have a place at the table and an opportunity to advance the creativity, fellowship and business acumen of our profession’s best.